Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Humpback Whale, Resident Orcas & Minke Whales this morning! Sept 16th, 2011

We headed out this morning with very excited passengers who were hoping to see at least one species of Whale and we ended up showing them three different species of Whale:)

Our first encounter was west of Hein Bank where we encountered a well known Humpback Whale nick named "Split Fin". This particular Humpback Whale has been visiting the Salish Sea for a number of years!

Next we encountered several Resident Orcas that included L5 "Tanya" and L84 "Nyssa". As we were watching L84 he could be seen foraging (hunting Salmon) and then playing amongst the kelp:)

Our final encounter of the morning was with two very active Minke Whales near the north Hein Bank marker! What an amazing trip:)

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