Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Resident Orcas off Victoria! Sept 5th, 2011

It took a while to find the Orcas today due to Thick Fog in a wide area of the Salish Sea, but by late in the morning the fog began to lift and the reports started to come in of Resident Orcas near Sheringham moving towards Victoria:)

By the time we headed out in the afternoon the Orcas had already moved past Race Rocks and were a few miles south of Clover Point! The Orcas were moving fast and we saw a lot of them porpoising (high speed swimming) and surfing the waves!

We also witnessed several breaches and cartwheels, plus a number of spyhops. Whilst we were watching the Orcas we could also see a lot of socializing going on;)

It was an amazing day on the water and one none of us will soon forget:)

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