Monday, September 12, 2011

T30's in Haro Strait in the morning! Sept 9th, 2011

We headed out this morning hoping to find some Orcas for our excited guests and by shear luck we came across the T30's in Haro Strait!

T30A was on the Canadian side of Haro Strait and the rest of the pod were on the US side when we first encountered them.

We did see T30A kill one hapless Harbor Seal whilst we followed him North in Haro St. The rest of the pod then crossed the Strait probably after hearing the kill!

Then just after seeing a couple of Harbor Porpoise we saw the females splashing around and converging, possible taking down one of the Porpoise or even another Seal.

We left the Orcas just north of Lime Kiln still heading North.

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