Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Morning Humpback Whale and Minke Whale encounter! Sept 24th, 2011.

Due to very thick fog off Victoria waterfront we delayed our morning trip by 30 minutes and it paid off as not long after we left the harbour we found a Humpback Whale near Race Rocks!

In fact there may have been another Humpback Whale as where we first saw the Humpback was a fair distance from where the next one popped up but that can happen when they are on their deep dives. We did get to see the one Humpback Whale tail fluke a number of times and I managed to get a good shot of the tail fluke and will check it with the catalogue of Humpback Whales sighted in the Salish Sea as this particular one was new to me.

On our way from the Humpback Whale to Race Rocks we also came across a Minke Whale traveling east. It is pretty rare for us to find a Minke Whale this close to Race Rocks as they are usually sighted further east near Hein or Salmon Bank. This was quit a large Minke Whale and at first we thought we had another Humpback Whale or even a very small Fin Whale.

At Race Rocks we showed our passengers Stellar & California Sealions plus Harbor Seals and at least one Northern Elephant Seal! It was a great start to the day:)

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