Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Superpod (J, K & L-pod) plus 2 Transient Orcas off Victoria in the afternoon! Sept 24th, 2011


We headed out this afternoon into even thicker fog off Victoria waterfront but that did not prevent us from having an amazing encounter with 90 Orcas, that included all 88 Southern Resident Orcas plus T31 & T49c Transient Orcas! We also encountered very active Humpback Whales (see separate post)

Our first encounter was with T31 & T49c just after we had got through the fog bank that stretched almost to Albert Head. T31 & T49c were traveling close together and aiming for Victoria Harbor. We had heard that they had just made a kill and were now obviously in search of their next victim!

We next visited Race Rocks to show our guests some of the Marine Mammals that Transient Orcas feed on such as the Harbor Seals and Sealions.

After an incredible encounter with the Humpback Whales we then headed into the Strait of Juan De Fuca off Victoria waterfront and encountered all 88 Southern Resdient Orcas who were being very active! We witnessed Breaches, tail slaps, cart wheels, spyhops and much more as we sat in awe at this incredible sight!

On our way home we heard T31 & T49c were by Dallas Road so we went for one final look as these top predators made their way East towards the Chain Islets! And so ended one of the best trips of the 2011 season:)

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