Sunday, May 27, 2012

J2 "Granny" & friends on May 23rd, 2012.

Today we encountered members of J-pod, including J2 "Granny" in Boundary Passage heading south west! When we arrived on scene J2, J8 "Spieden" and L87 "Onyx" were leading the way with the rest of J-pod closer to East Point. L87 has been hanging out with J-pod for almost a year now and seems to have become an honorary member of J-pod. Whilst we were watching the Orcas swim across Boundary passage we witnessed some wonderful Spyhops, especially from J8 "Spieden" who is estimated to have been born in 1933. Still, she is a youngster compared to J2 "Granny" who we believe was born in 1911, making her over 100 years old and the oldest Orca we have ever known!

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