Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Transient Killer Whales and a Minke Whale in Boundary Passage! May

One of the reasons Victoria is known as one of the best places in the world to see Orcas is because we get two different types visiting our area, Resident Orcas that eat fish (primarily Salmon) and Transient Orcas, that eat Marine Mammals.

Today during our 2pm tour we had a wonderful encounter with 10 Transient Orcas in Boundary Passage. As we arrived on scene we could see the Orcas playing around, especially the young calf that was amongst the group:) We usually see Transients traveling in much smaller groups so it was a treat to see such a large group.

Whilst we were watching the Transient cross Boundary Passage we were suddenly surprised by the appearance of a Minke Whale, just 400 yards away from the Orcas. It is rare Transient Orcas attack Minke Whales in the Salish Sea, but not unheard of. This time though the Orcas moved to the West ad did not give the Minke Whale any notice.

Transient Orcas and a Minke Whale in one trip, now that is what we call a great day:)

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