Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Transient Orcas near Dungeness Spit! May 12th, 2012

 Visitors to Race Rocks look on at the Northern Elephant Seal on the boat ramp.

We had to travel south of Victoria today towards Dungeness Spit where we encountered a large pod of Transient Orcas! Transient Orcas feed on warm blooded Marine Mammals such as Harbor Seals and Porpoise, both of which are plentiful in the Salish Sea.
Ron Bates of the Marine Mammal Research Group, identified the whales as T10, T10b,T10c, t26, T26a, T77, T77b, T77c and T77d. We identify Orcas by their Dorsal fin and Saddle Patch (the white/gray area at the base of their dorsal fin).
When we arrived on scene the Orcas were in resting formation, which meant they were close together and moving slowly north east. Orcas keep half their brain awake when they are resting so that they can be aware of what is around them.
With the warmest day of the year, calm seas and Orcas, what more could you ask for:)

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