Saturday, July 11, 2015

July 1st Resident Orcas for Canada Day!

July 1st – Resident Orcas for Canada Day!

Whale watching in BC
L87 “Oynx”
Whale Watching in Victoria
Resident Orcas off Victoria for Canada Day
Today we had amazing encounters with Resident Orcas who came to help us celebrate Canada Day :) In the morning the Orcas were west of Race Rocks heading East past Victoria. We had a lovely encounter with J28 “Polaris” and her daughter “Star”. We also got to see the babies in Jpod and they were being very playful :) Our morning also included a wonderful encounter with a Mother & Calf Humpback Whale.
In the afternoon the Orcas had traveled further East and were near Middle Bank. We got to see some tail slaps, breaches and spyhops as well as a number of Orcas Porpoising (high speed swimming). We also got a lovely encounter with L87 “Oynx” who thriled our guests!
What a way to celebrate Canada’s birthday :)
You can see more pictures from today’s incredible encounters at the following link;

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