Saturday, July 11, 2015

June 20th - Afternoon Superpod!

June 20th – Afternoon Resident Orca Superpod!

Whale Watching Victoria
Resident Orcas
Whale Watching BC

After all the excitement earlier in the afternoon trip with the Transient Orcas, we then headed to Race Rocks to watch a Resident Orca Superpod coming in from the west! As we got on scene the Orcas were already passing through Race Passage and were in a very playful mood. We got to see lots of Spyhops, Cartwheels, Breaches, Porpoising and Tail Slips, it was an incredible sight! This was also the first time this season we had all three pods together forming a Superpod and it was wonderful to see so many healthy and happy Orcas.
30 Transient Orcas and now up to 80 Resident Orcas passing Race Rocks, it really does not get any better than that :) This trip was the highlight of the season so far and one of the best trips the crew had ever seen!
To see more images from this afternoon’s encounter with the Superpod then please click on the link below;

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