Saturday, July 11, 2015

June 15th & 16th - J & Kpod off San Juan!

June 15th & 16th – J & Kpod off San Juan!

Whale Watching San Juan Island
J & Kpod
For the second straight day we had members of J & Kpod off the west side of San Juan Island :) We got to spend some quality time with many of the 2 pods including K33 “Tika”, J27 “Blackberry”, J28 “Polaris” and J46 “Star”. At one stage we had 15 Orcas all to ourselves near False Bay :) Apart from the Orcas we also had a rare encounter with a Tufted Puffin near False Bay, just a little off shore from the Orcas. It was a wonderful day on the water!
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