Saturday, July 11, 2015

June 13th - Afternoon with Lpod & a Humpback!

June 13th PM – Afternoon with Lpod & a Humpback!

Victoria Whale Watching
Humpback – Victoria Whale Watching!
Whale Watching in BC
Lpod – Whale Watching in BC!
Whale Watching in Victoria
L121 & Lpod
We had another wonderful encounter this afternoon with a Humpback Whale east of Race Rocks and then all of Lpod coming in from the west past Victoria waterfront! The Orcas were in resting formation as they passed the waterfront a few miles south of Victoria. It was great to see some of our old friends including L25 “Ocean Sun”, L41 “Mega” and his sisters (L77 & L94) plus L121, the brand new Lpod Calf :) Today was the first time L121 had been seen in the Salish Sea and not only was it exciting for our guests but also for the Center For Whale Research Team. The CWR had a boat on scene in the afternoon taking lots of pictures of Lpod but especially L121!
To see more images from this special encounter please click on the link below;

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