Saturday, July 11, 2015

June 11th - J & Kpod near Lime Kiln

June 11th – J & Kpod near Lime Kiln.

Whale Watching in BC
J & Kpod
Today we encounter J & Kpod near Lime Kiln! This was the first time we had encountered members of Kpod this season and it was great to see old friends :) We got to see several members of both J & Kpod including K 21 “Cappuccino”, J28 “Polaris”, J46 “Star”, J34 “Doublestuf”, J22 “Oreo”, K26 Lobo & K33 “Tika” amongst others. The Orcas were in a playful mood with breaching, spy hops and tail slaps observed. We later heard confirmation from the Center for Whale Research that all of Kpod had been accounted for, which was great news.
Apart from the Orcas we also got to see lots of Seals and Porpoise today as well as Bald Eagles.
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