Saturday, July 11, 2015

June 25th - Resident Orcas!

June 25th – Resident Orcas again today!

Whale Watching Victoria
Male Orca
Whale Watching San Juan Island
Resident Orcas near San Juan Island
It was another wonderful day with Resident Orcas off the west side of San Juan Island today :) We were near Lime Kiln in the morning as the Orcas moved north and then they switched direction and we encountered them spread out between Hanna Heights and False Bay in the morning. As we watched the Orcas we could see lots of foraging (hunting for Salmon) going on plus some pretty acrobatic Cartwheels and Breaches! We did get to see some of the Jpod babies as well, which is always a special thrill for our passengers. All three babies seem to be doing well so far and that is excellent news for the SRKW’s.
Apart from Orcas we also saw a Minke Whale today and lots of Harbor Seals & Harbor Porpoise!
You can see more images from today’s tours by clicking on the link below;

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