Saturday, October 02, 2010

L-pod & Humpback Whales off Victoria in the morning! Oct 1st, 2010

Here are a few images from this mornings encounter with L-pod and Humpback Whales off Victoria Waterfront!

We received a report from Victoria Harbour Patrol (thanks Rick) that Orcas had been spotted passing by Trial Island in the morning. So as we headed out on our morning trip we wondered who we would find. Not long after leaving the Harbour we soon came across our first Orcas and soon identified them as members of L-pod! As we stopped and let the first Orcas passed by we scanned the area and soon realized we had all of L-pod off Victoria:)

Apart from L-pod we also found a couple of Humpback Whales near Race Rocks and at Race Rocks itself we could see countless Stellar & California Sealions!

What a wonderful way to start the day:)

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