Friday, October 29, 2010

Wonderful Humpback Whale & Minke Whale encounters! Oct 28th, 2010

The passengers above were the Hero's of the Day as they were the first to spot the 2 Humpback Whales:)

Passengers look on in wonder at the 2 large Humpback Whales we discovered

Here are a few images from today's wonderful encounters with a Minke Whale and 2 Humpback Whales!

We headed out this afternoon one of only three boats to be doing trips and with no reports of Whales in the area since a brief sighting from land in the morning. However, we were determined to find whales for our passengers.

Our first encounter was with a Minke Whale East of Constance Bank! The Minke was moving swiftly and we only saw the Whale a few times so we decided to move on in search of more Whales. After stopping for a couple of large Bait Balls (small schooling fish) we headed to the Chain Islets to show our passengers the Harbor Seals and various marine birds, including 2 large Bald Eagles.

We then ventured into Haro Strait and suddenly one of our passengers came upstairs and said they had seen a Whale behind us. Our Cpt turned the boat around and sure enough we spotted two Humpback Whales including "Split Fin":) What a wonderful surprise and much to the delight of our passengers!

Our passengers today were an international mix from Europe, England, Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada and most importantly were a fun group of people who really appreciated the beauty and bio diversity of the Salish Sea. It was a real pleasure having them on board and for me they helped make the trip one to remember, of course the Whales also played a big part:)

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