Tuesday, July 19, 2011

L-pod off Victoria waterfront this morning:) July 17th, 2011

Sometimes we have to cover many miles and will travel for over 2 hours just to find Orcas. Or there are the lucky days like today when we encounter Orcas right on our doorstep:) This morning we had L-pod right off Victoria Waterfront and it does not get much better than that!

The Orcas were in resting formation, tightly grouped and heading East towards the San Juan Island. We witnessed a number of spy hops as the Orcas traveled steadily east throughout the morning. Eventually as they entered Haro Strait they began to pick up speed and spread out, in fact the L12's traveled south east whilst the rest of L-pod moved north east.

Apart from the Orcas we also showed our excited guests the numerous Harbour Seals at the Chain Islets and even got to see a Juvenile Bald Eagle being chased by protective Seagulls.

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