Friday, July 22, 2011

Orcas in the mist:) July 20, 2011

This morning we did not have far to go before coming across members of all three pods off Victoria but they were in fog when we first arrived on scene. As one guest observed, at first it was like we were watching Ghost Orcas as they moved slowly east.

Thankfully as the morning wore on the fog did start to lift and we could see that there was a large number of Orcas off Victoria:) I managed to i.d. J2 "Granny", J8 "Spieden" J26 "Mike", J19 "Shachi", K21 "Cappuccino and K40 "Raggedy" amongst others. We did witness a couple of breaches and several spyhops as the Orcas moved through Haro Strait towards San Juan Island.

Apart from the Orcas we also saw a large number of Harbour Seals & Pups when we visited the Chain Islets!

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