Sunday, July 10, 2011

L41 & L-pod off San Juan Island! July 6th, 2011

The Lancashire Lad with the Lancashire Lasses from Bolton:)
Cpt. Andrew:)

What a wonderful morning to be out Whale Watching and with a smashing group of girls all the way from Bolton in the North of England:) The girls were visiting Canada and America to play Lacrosse and it was great to have them on-board.

We headed down towards Salmon bank this morning where we encountered L-pod including L41 "Mega". This was the first time this summer season that all of L-pod had been in the Salish Sea so apart from the Whale Watching boats there were two boats from the Center for Whale Research out taking i.d. photo's of L-pod to see who had returned.

We got some awesome shots of L41 with Mt. Baker in the background this morning! As we observed L-pod we also witnessed a number of spyhops, tail slaps, a couple of breaches:)

It is days like this with wonderful guests, a beautiful day on the water and amazing Orca action, that remind me I have the best job in the world:)

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