Saturday, July 16, 2011

T10's, T36's and T99's Transient Orca encounter! July 14th, 2011

Look carefully at these two pictures and you will see a piece of a kill in the mouth of the Orca!

This morning we had an amazing encounter in Haro Strait with a large group of Transient Orcas including the T10's, T36's and T99's. When we first arrived on scene the Orcas were in a resting formation as they slowly moved East towards Lime Kiln. Then suddenly we began to witness as a lot of frantic activity as the Orcas made a kill! I even managed to capture one of the Orcas surfacing with the remains of the kill in its mouth..... incredible. As we watched the Orcas there was a lot of spy hops and tail flicks.

After watching the Orcas we headed over to the Chain Islets to show our happy passengers the large number of Harbour Seals and a number of Seal Pups:)

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this stock of photos is the best one I've ever seen in your blog