Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Breathtaking evening encounter with transient Orcas! Aug 30th, 2013

This evening we had an incredible encounter with over 20 Transient Orcas, including the TO30's, TO36's and TO137's! It was a breathtaking evening with calm seas and sunny skies as we set out with a group of eager students hoping to see some Marine Life and boy did we ever deliver:)

First of all we encountered the T137's south east of Hein Bank, this was the same group we had followed throughout the day. However, this was just for starters as not long after we arrived on scene we received a call that a large group of Transient Orcas had been spotted south of Victoria! We arrived on scene and immediately realized we had a Transient Orca Superpod with over 20 Whales traveling together. Amongst the Orcas I managed to identify the TO30's and TO36's but there were many more Transient Orcas than just these two groups.

Whilst we watched the Orcas we observed some incredible action including Breaches, Tail slaps, Tail Flukes, Spyhops and Tail Lobs as the Orcas moved through Oak Bay Flats. We also noticed that some of the younger Orcas suddenly began hunting and attacking Harbor Seals, in what looked like a training session!

On our way home we were treated to a spectacular sunset, which was the perfect end to a stunning evening trip:)

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