Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Transient Orcas and Minke Whales! Aug 31st, 2013

What a way to end the month of August with a fantastic trip that encountered multiple Minke Whales and Transient Orcas (TO30's)! We had been searching for the Transient Orcas we had encountered yesterday evening and had managed to encounter multiple Minke Whales at Hein Bank (at least 3-4 Minke Whales). As we stopped off at the Chain Islets, Ron Bates, MMRG, received a call from the Victoria Clipper that they had just passed a pod of Transient Orcas 3 miles south of Trial Island heading west. Off we went and with the help of other Whale Watching vessels soon picked up the transient Orcas and quickly identified them as the TO30's! We followed the TO30's as they made their way steadily west towards Race Rocks. Multiple Minke Whales and Transient Orcas, the perfect way to end the month of August:)

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