Friday, September 13, 2013

Superpod off Constance Bank! Sept 11th, 2013

Here are a few images from this afternoon's amazing encounter with all 3 Southern Resident Orca pods forming a Superpod near Constance Bank! We 1st heard of the Resident Orcas after a float plane spotted them SE of Constance Bank. We encountered them this afternoon not mch further than the original location, as they were just NE of Constance, a few miles south of Trial Island and heading NE. We witnessed the Resident Orcas in Matrilineal formations as they traveled east and then they began to breach, cartwheel, spyhop, lob tail, pectoral slap and tail slap as a large deep sea vessel moved past the pods, it was a breathtaking sight:) Apart from this incredible experience with all 80+ Resident Orcas, we also stopped at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve to show our guests the hundreds  of Seals & Sea Lions there, plus the Chain Islets to show them the large number of Harbor Seals.

It was a magical day on the water and one non of us will soon forget:)

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