Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Transient Orcas near Sidney! Sept 9th, 2013

Today we encountered Transient Orcas near Sidney and watched as they traveled from Sidney Spit right past the waterfront and Harbour:) The Transient Orcas were identified as the TO30's and TO41's, a total of 8 Orcas! The TO41's include TO41 a female born in 1973, her daughter TO41A born in 1988 and her grandchild, TO41A1 born in 2011. The TO30's include TO30 born in 1967, her son TO30A born in 1986, TO30C born in 2005, TO30B a female born in 1093 and her calf TO30B1 who was born in 2012! The group continued north towards Moresby Island as we headed home, stopping off at the Chain Islets on the way.

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