Sunday, September 29, 2013

Transient Orcas near Race Rocks! Sept 21st, 2013

Today despite some thick fog, we managed to find a large group of transient Orcas off Victoria waterfront heading towards Race Rocks! We also encountered a Humpback Whale south east of Race Rocks. As we were looking at the Seals & Sea Lions at Race Rocks, the Transient Orcas made their way towards the ecological reserve. As we loved outside the boundary of the park the Orcas began to attack several of the harbor Seals! In the afternoon the Transient Orcas had moved a little further to the east but just as we got near Race Rock the Orcas turned and came back east. We were watching a Sea Lion catch a Salmon when suddenly an Orcas exploded from the water and attacked & killed the Sea Lion, it was an incredible sight!!!

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