Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Morning Superpod! Sept 19th, 2013

This morning we heard that Resident Orcas had been spotted off the west side of San Juan Island and as soon as we arrived on scene we realized we had a "Superpod"!!! Watching all 80+ Resident Orcas swim together is always a thrill and this morning was no exception. The Resident Orcas also seemed to be happy and we witnessed several breaches, tail lobs, Tail slaps and pectoral waves as the Orcas moved north.

During our encounter we had a very special encounter with K21 "Cappuccino", who was born in 1986, which makes him the oldest male in K-pod. 

We also got to see L41 "Mega" and his close family. L41 is now the oldest male in the Southern Resident Orca population and was born in 1977.

It was an incredible morning, magical weather, so many whales and wonderful guests including visiors from Spain, England  & Australia:)

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