Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Resident Orcas & Minke Whales! Sept 20th, 2013

Today we had wonderful encounters with Resident Orcas and Minke Whales! We first encountered a Minke Whale near Middle Banks this morning as we were heading towards Colville Island after receiving a report of Orcas nearby. As we arrived on scene with the Orcas near Salmon Bank we soon identified them as Resident Orcas:) The weather was so calm and it was a breathtaking morning encounter with members of L-pod & J-pod.

In the afternoon the Orcas had moved further offshore towards Hein Bank. On our way we encountered another Minke Whale, possibly the same one from the morning. As we got on scene this afternoon we had a lovely pass by J2 "Granny", the 102 year old matriarch of the SRKW's! We also saw J8 "Spieden" who was born in 1933 and is another grand old lady.

The Resident Orcas were being very active today with foraging (hunting) scene, tail slaps, pectoral slaps, lots of rubbing together and even some breaching:)

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