Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oct 12th, 2013 - Morning encounter with Humpbacks & playful Sea Lions!

Here are a a few images from a lovely morning encounter with multiple Humpbacks and playful Sea Lions near Race Rocks! The Humpbacks we encountered were all close by Race Rocks but as we looked we could see other blows in the distance, it was whale soup out there:) Whilst we watched the Humpback Whales we could see some lunge feeding as well as several tail flukes as they went on deep dives. People always get a thrill when they see the enormous tail of Humpbacks!
We also stopped off at Race Rocks and encountered a large number of incredibly curious & playful Sea Lions. Most of them were young animals and they seemed to as interested in us as we were of them:) As we watched we saw several of them leaping out of the water, Sea Lions are very acrobatic. We also saw a number of them come close to our boat as we sat with our engines off drifting through the pass in the tide rip. It was an incredible sight!

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