Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Oct 6th, 2013 - Resident Orcas & Humpback Whales!

Here are a few images from today's encounter with Resident Orcas out west and multiple Humpback Whales! 

We traveled past Sooke this afternoon to catch up with the Resident Orcas who had been reported earlier in the day at Becher Bay but had started to travel west. On our way to the Resident orcas we passed at least 3 Humpback Whales as well. As we arrived on scene with the Orcas we soon identified J27 "Blackberry" amongst several Resident Orcas off shore of Sooke Harbour heading towards Sheringham Lighthouse. 

The Orcas were traveling swiftly west when we first got on scene but then suddenly a number of them turned and began to chase Salmon! Watching these top predators at work using their complex echolocation to hunt for Salmon, is always a thrill. The Orcas were reaching speeds up to 30 miles pure hour as they tried to catch the Salmon.

We also witnessed a spectacular breach by one of the females at just over 100 yds from our boat!!!

After watching the Orcas continue west we headed to Race Rocks to show our guests the hundreds of Sea Lions there. We were just leaving Race Rocks when a 4th Humpback Whales popped up feeding in a tide line!

What an amazing day on the water:)

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