Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oct 17th, 2013 - Multiple Humpbacks again!

Today we encountered multiple Humpbacks again near Race Rocks, including a mother & her calf! We usually see one or two mother & Calf pairings each season. Humpbacks have a 12 month gestation period so this Mother will have got pregnant 2 winters ago, gave birth to the calf in warm waters such as Hawaii last winter and will return to warm waters again this winter where she may get pregnant again. The calf will feed on the mother's fat rich milk for around 6 months but by the time the Mother reaches the warm water breeding & birthing grounds it will be on its own.

We sometimes see Humpback Calf's return to the Salish Sea when they are older and it is adding to the population of Humpbacks we are seeing, each year the number continue to climb:)

Apart from the Humpbacks we also stopped off at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve where we saw Hundreds of playful Sea Lions, Harbor Seals and Northern Elephant Seals.

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