Monday, October 28, 2013

Oct 18th, 2013 - Humpbacks in thick fog!

Today we managed to encounter Humpbacks near Race Rocks, despite thick fog that at times led to less than 100 yards visibility!!! October set a new record for encounters with Humpbacks but also a new record for consecutive thick fog days....

The highlight of today's encounters was when one of the Humpbacks did a spectacular Cart Wheel about a hundred yards from our boat!! Wow is the word everyone used as the witnessed this amazing sight:)

We also watched a California Sea Lion rip apart a large Salmon and then swallow most of it hole:)

At Race Rocks we encountered more Sea Lions plus Harbor Seals and Northern Elephant Seals!

On our way into the harbour in less than 50 yards visibility we heard a loud fog horn sounding and when we were at the dock we witnessed the Greenpeace vessel "Rainbow Warrior" coming in to dock!

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