Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oct 13th, 2013 - Lunge feeding Humpbacks!

Today we had a awesome encounter with lunge feeding Humpbacks off Victoria waterfront and watching these large baleen whale attack a bait ball (small bait fish)  is always a thrill.
We headed out at 2pm and the first thing that struck us was the amount of birds on the water stretching from Constance Bank to Race Rocks, all along the waterfront of Victoria. This large amount of birds, made up of various species of Gulls & diving birds such as Common Murre's, is usually a sign that there is a lot of fish in the water! As we moved through the water we watched for the larger bait balls to form and sure enough our Captain soon found one, just a little south of Victoria. On our way to the Bait Ball, we spotted at least one Humpback and not long after we got close to Bait Ball this Humpback came and lunged at the bait ball with its large mouth wide open, it was an awesome sight:)
We encountered several other Humpbacks today plus hundreds of Sea Lions & Seals at Race Rocks. With calm seas, beautiful warm weather and so much marine life, this was another  wonderful October day!

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