Monday, July 27, 2009

Incredible Day!

(an unidentified calf playing with eel grass)

With love from OrcaGirl (be sure to click the HD on the controller bar and watch in full screen). Stay tuned, there's more coming... =)

_MG_7622 (5 Star)

On the afternoon 2 pm 5 Star trip, we traveled to Hein Bank where we saw 3 Minke whales in pursuit of fish. There were several fishballs with many seabirds pinpointing the target areas. After, headed to Salmon Bank where we found some of Kpod displaying some very active behavior. Much breaching was sighted in many locations. We had a splendid view of K21 and K40 (brother and sister) in playful acts, rolling around, and someone (not sure who) was sticking their tail high out of the water as almost waving at us. A young calf (un identified) was seen playing around in the kelp and upon closer look at my photos – the baby had eelgrass hanging out of his or her mouth ☺

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