Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wonderful encounter with J-pod! July 19th, 2009.

After high winds of the previous day we were hoping for much calmer seas today and that is what we got along with another beautiful sunny day. As if that was not reason enough to cheer we also encountered J-pod off the west side of San Juan Island:) J-pod was moving rapidly north as we arrived on scene and we saw a lot of Porpoising (high-speed swimming). We also saw several tailslaps including one by J1 "Ruffles", who at over 58 years of age is the oldest male Orca in the Southern Resident pods. As often is the case he was swimming alongside J2 "Granny", the 98 year old matriarch of J-pod and the oldest female. We also saw a number of breaches, a very impressive cartwheel and a Spyhop.

On our way back to Victoria we stopped off at the Chain Islet to see the Harbor Seals and the new Pups, Harlequin ducks and the countless marine birds at this ecologically diverse area. It was the perfect way to finish off another wonderful day on the Salish Sea:)

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