Wednesday, July 01, 2009

J1 and JPod celebrate Canada Day:) July 1, 2009.

This mornings we had a breathtaking encounter with Jpod near Lime Kiln! Ron Bates, MMRG, had first received reports had been sighted North of Lime Kiln heading south around 7am. Then he heard that the Orcas were near Eagle Point at 9am but as we headed over to the west side of San Juan Island during our 9am tour we heard that the Jpod had switched direction yet again and were near Lime Kiln Lighthouse and we encountered Jpod just north of the park.

We had only been observing Jpod for a short while and could see that the pod was very close together, when suddenly we saw several breaches even multiple breaches! It was amazing to see so many members of Jpod breaching like this and the most spectacular sight was when the old guy J1 "Ruffles" breached, proving the old guy can still move:) We also saw a number of tailslaps, spyhops and cartwheels, and it was as if Jpod was celebrating Canada Day;)

On our way back to Victoria we stopped at the Chain Islets and there we saw a number of Harbor Seals, Cormorants, Black Oyster Catchers and even a Bald Eagle.

What a way to start Canada's 142 birthday!

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