Sunday, June 27, 2010

J & K-pod plus a Gray Whale in the afternoon! June 25th, 2010

We headed out this afternoon towards False Bay and encountered members of J & K-pod once again including J28 "Polaris" & the newest member of J-pod, J46! The Orcas were heading south including J28 & J46, J14 & J45, J27, J31, K21 & K40.

As we watched the Orcas we witnessed breaches, tailslaps, spyhops and a couple of very playful calfs! We also witnessed more foraging behaviour as the Orcas tried to catch the large Chinook Salmon that make up their main prey. An Orca needs about 10% of its body weight of Salmo each day!

On our way home we stopped off again at the Chain Islets where we saw more Harbor Seals plus a couple of Bald Eagles. The just as we were starting to head for home we suddenly spotted a Gray Whale:) This was the same Whale that has been hanging around the are for the past week.

What a way to finish another exciting adventure on the Salish Sea!

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