Tuesday, June 01, 2010

T40 & friends again! May 31st, 2010.

For the second straight day we had an encounter with T40 & friends this afternoon, this time in Rosario Strait.

This morning we had ventured out and come across thick fog over most of the area though we did manage to get a brief encounter with a Minke Whale at Hein Bank. We also saw a large number of Harbor Seals and Harbor Porpoise.

In the afternoon the fog had lifted a little and we heard that three Orcas had been sighted in Rosario Strait. As we arrived on scene we watched the Orcas make at least two kills, possibly Harbor Seals or Harbor Porpoise. We also witnessed a number of tail flukes including a large tail fluke by T40 "Captain Hook"!

On our way home the sun was out and the sea was very calm, the perfect end to a wonderful day on the water:)

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