Sunday, July 11, 2010

Afternoon adventure with J, K & L-pod! July 10, 2010

Marine Naturalist, Christa, having a bit of fun. We are a crazy bunch but that is why we all love our job:)

Here are just a few images from this afternoon's encounter with members of J, K & L-pod plus the Gray Whale!

This afternoon we again encountered the Southern Resident Orcas (fish eaters) off the west side of San Juan Island and they were in a very playful mood. We watched in awe at multiple breaches, spyhops, cartwheels, pectoral slaps and tail slaps as the Orcas played and socialized!

Whilst we were watching these shenanigans we watched L41 "Mega" with a group of 3 females and it looked like Mega had his own private harem of females:) We even saw Mega's pink snake as we continued to watch the Orcas cavorting!

On our way home we stopped at Oak Bay and had another great encounter with the Gray Whale.

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