Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Magnificent Afternoon encounter with L-pod and Transient Orcas! July 24th, 2010

Here are a few images from this afternoon's magnificent encounter with members of L-pod off San Juan Island and the T185's Transient Orcas (Marine Mammal Eaters).

We returned to the west side of San Juan Island this afternoon to encounter members of L-pod foraging along the shore line. As we watched we could see several Orcas hunting in the tidal rips along the shore line.

Whilst watching L-pod, Ron Bates, MMRG, received a call that a number of Transient Orcas had been sighted a few miles south of Discovery Island! It is rare to get Transient Orcas in the local waters at the same time as the Resident Orcas so off we went to investigate.

The Transient Orcas turned out to be the T185's and were in hunting mode as they zig-zagged across the Strait of Juan De Fuca.

Two different types of Orcas in just one trip, a real treat for passengers and crew:)

You can see more images from this trip at our Facebook page, just click on the link below;


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