Sunday, July 18, 2010

L-pod out west in the afternoon! July 17th, 2010

Here are a few images from our afternoon encounter with members of L-pod west of Victoria! More images and info to follow.

As we were waiting in the harbour for our passengers to arrive for our 2pm tour we heard that members of L-pod had been spotted out west and were moving towards Victoria! So off we went out west in search of L-pod.

On our way we stopped at Race Rocks to show our passengers the wonderful Marine Wildlife that can be found at this Marine Protected Area and we found not only Harbor Seals but also a large Male Norhtern Elephant Seal.

We then continued on our way and encountered L-pod near Becher Bay! Marine Naturalist Rachel, managed to id many of the Orcas inluding L82 "Kasatka" and L91 "Muncher". As we watched the Orcas we witnessed several spyhops and tailslaps:)

It was a wonderful afternoon on the water as the fog had lifted and the sun was out in all its glory!

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