Monday, July 12, 2010

Wonderful encounters with L-pod and a Gray Whale! July 11, 2010

Eagle in flight with young Seagull in its talons!

Eagle feasting on young Seagull!

Here are a few images from today's wonderful encounters with L-pod and a Gray Whale during our morning and afternoon trips!

Ron Bates, MMRG, received a report early this morning that members of L-pod had been sighted near Andrew's Bay heading north and other L-pod members were near False Bay. Due to the sea state to the south of Lime Kiln we decided to go to the more northern route and although we had some choppy seas we had a wonderful encounter with several members of L-pod including L7 "Canuck" a female born in 1961. We also showed our passengers the Gray Whale in Oak Bay and earlier had witnessed a number of Eagle feasting on the new born Seagull's!

In the afternoon the seas had calmed down and we again headed over to San Juan Island. This time we encountered L-pod near Kellett Bluffs mving up island. As we watched the Orcas we witnessed several breaches and tailslaps, as well as some foraging (hunting for Salmon).

On our way home we again stopped in Oak bay to let our passengers watch the Gray Whale and to show them the countless Harbor Seals at the Chain Islets. Thus ended another wonderful day in the Salish Sea!

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