Sunday, July 11, 2010

Breathtaking Evening encounter with J, K & L-pod plus a Gray Whale! July 10, 2010

If you look closely at these 2 pictures you can see the fish in the mouth of J39 "Mako" who is J27's younger brother.

Here are just a few images from this evening spectacular encounter with members of J, K & L-pod plus a Gray Whale!

On what was one of the most breathtaking evenings of the year we encountered various members of the Southern Resident Orcas (fish eaters) spread out along the west coast of San Juan Island. Not long after we arrived on scene we had a close pass (100yds) by an L-pod male! We also witnessed some spectacular breaching by J27 "Blackberry", a young male born in 1991:)
The Orcas were spread out and it meant that each boat could have an intimate encounter with its own group of Orcas, a special treat indeed. Whilst we were watching the Orcas we also witnessed some wonderful foraging (hunting for Salmon) and if you look carefully you will see the youngster J39, above has some type of fish in its mouth!

We decided to stop off in Oak Bay on our way home to let our passengers have a look at the resident Gray Whale;) A stunning sunset was the perfect finale to another wonderful adventure on the Salish Sea!

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