Friday, July 12, 2013

L-pod & Minke Whales! July 6th, 2013

 Marine Naturalists Jenna & Andrew talk to guests about Bull Kelp!
Here are a few images from today's encounters with members of L-pod and at least four Minke Whales! The Resident Orcas, members of L-pod, where encountered near Pile Point and were foraging most of the time we were with them. We identified L22 "Spirit" with her two son's L79 "Skana" and L89 "Solstice".

We also encountered a number of Minke Whales both at Hein Bank and Middle Bank. When we encountered the Minke Whales at Hein Bank they were lunge feeding and we could see them lunging through the bait fish near the surface!

On our way home, Marine Naturalists Andrew & Jenna, provided an interesting commentary and demonstration of Bull Kelp. Our guests loved the opportunity to see, touch and even taste this remarkable plant:-)

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