Thursday, July 04, 2013

L-pod returns and a Humpback Whale! June 28th, 2013

Early this morning we received a report from a local fisherman that Resident Orcas, soon i.d. as L-pod, had been spotted at Otter Point heaing East towards Victoria:) We headed out at 10am and after a brief stop at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, where we saw Seals, & Sealions, we caught up with L-pod west of Becher Bay! As we watched the Resident Orcas moving East we witnessed several Tail Slaps, Spy Hops and some Porpoising (High speed swimming). We left the Orcas a little to the west of Race Rocks as we headed home from a wonderful morning encounter. In the afternoon we headed out to Race Rocks again and this time had a surprise encounter with a very large male Northern Elephant Seal (they can get over 13' long & weight over 4000lbs)! We then started to head east towards Constance Bank and came across a Humpback Whale:) After watching the Humpback Whale for a while we caught up with L-pod who were spread out from west of Constance Bank to East in line with Discovery Island. Watching almost 40 Resident Orcas travel past Victoria is always a thrill!

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