Wednesday, July 10, 2013

L-pod & Minke Whales! July 3rd, 2013

Today we had wonderful encounters with Resident Orcas, members of L-pod plus lunge Feeding Minke Whales! Our adventures began at Hein Bank where we encountered at least 3 Minke Whale lunge-feeding on small bait fish. Then we headed over to Eagle Point and encountered three members of L-pod, L22 & her two sons L79 & L89 as they foraged for Salmon along the shoreline. In the afternoon we headed west and encountered other members of L-pod, the L12's heading west. This afternoon we identified L41 "Mega, the oldest male in the southern Resident Orca pods, plus his sisters L77 "Matia" and L94 "Calypso" plus their two calfs, L119 "Jessica" and L113 "Cousteau". L25 "Ocean Sun" was also their and she is now the oldest female in L-pod and the second oldest female Resident Orca after J2 "Granny". It was a wonderful encounter as we watched this Matriline of L-pod head back to the open ocean.

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