Thursday, July 04, 2013

Humpback Whale at Constance Bank! June 26th, 2013

This morning we left the harbour in search of either Orcas or Minke Whales and ended up finding a Humpback Whale near Constance Bank:) The Humpback Whale showed its Tail Flukes and went on a deep dive shortly after we arrived on scene and then suddenly breached!!! It was a magnificent site for all onboard and one we will not soon forget. This young juvenile Humpback Whale was in a playful mood and was waving its large Tail Flukes back and forth as a large Deep Sea vessel passed by. In the afternoon the Juvenile Humpback Whale was still in a playful mood and we watched as it made a number of Cartwheels, which is as impressive as a breach:)

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