Tuesday, August 17, 2010

60 Orcas from J, K & L-pod near Hein Bank this afternoon! Aug 15th, 2010

Here are a few images from our incredible afternoon encounter with 60 Orcas from J, K & L-pod near Hein Bank! We also got to see the Gray Whale near Discovery Island.

We headed out in the afternoon with a group of excited passengers from England and America who were hoping to encounter Orcas and other marine life and we did not disappoint! Our first stop was at the Chain Islets were we showed them the countless Harbor Seals and various Marine Birds, including the Seagulls and their chicks.

Next we encountered the Gray Whale at the south end of Discovery Island as it foraged amongst the Kelp beds.

Then we headed down towards Hein Bank where we encountered about 60 members of J, K & L-pod spread out over a wide area. We had a wonderful encounter with J1 "Ruffles", J2 "Granny" and L92 "Crewser", who was playing around with J2! Other Orcas included J8 "Spieden", K40 "Raggedy", K21 "Cappuccino" and L41 "Mega". Whilst we watched the Orcas we witnessed a number of breaches, taillobs, pectoral waves and cartwheels!

With calm seas and beautiful sunny skies, it was another wonderful day on the water to cap off a stunning week of encounters:)

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