Sunday, October 28, 2012

Final trip of the season with Transient Orcas & a Humpback Whale! Oct 22, 2012

Today was our final trip of the 2012 season and it was a great way to end one of our most successful seasons! We were out looking for Humpback Whales that had been reported earlier when we actually found a group of between 6-8 Transient Orcas a few mile SW of race Rocks!!! The Transient Orcas included a large male but at this time we have still not i.d. this group as we believe they may be California Transient Orcas.

Near Race Rocks we also encountered a Humpback Whale!


Sierra said...

I found another interesting on a large scale whale colony around Sri Lanka.
Pretty interesting to know that whales colonise around an island the way they do in Sri Lanka.

Jack said...

Awesome photos! Do you guys ever witness the transient orcas eating the sea lions?

Junaid Walayat said...

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