Monday, October 15, 2012

Transient Orcas & 11 Humpback Whales! Oct 10th, 2012

Today we had an amazing encounter with Transient Orcas attacking a Harbor Seal west of Race Rocks! As if that was not enough we had earlier encountered 11 Humpback Whale near Sooke and whilst we were watching all these incredible Baleen Whales, one suddenly made a spectacular Breach:) Watching a Humpback Breach is one of the most breathtaking encounters you are ever likely to experience!

The poor Harbor Seal had been harassed by the Transient Orcas for at least 10 minutes before we arrived on scene and continued to be attacked by them for the 20 minutes we followed them. We believe the older Transient Orcas were trying to teach the youngsters in the pod how to make a kill!

Being able to watch the top Ocean predators hunting a Harbor Seal, witnessing a full Humpback Whale Breach and encountering 11 Humpbacks within a mile of each other, now that is why October is such an incredible month for whale watching:)

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