Monday, October 08, 2012

Resident Orcas encountered south of Victoria! Oct 4th, 2012

Today we encountered all three Resident Orcas pods south of Victoria! The Resident Orcas had spent the last two days feeding on Salmon in the Salish Sea but it looked like they were heading back out to the open ocean. Thankfully we caught up with them south of Trial Island.

The Orcas we encountered included a large group of J-pod including J2 "Granny", J8 "Spieden", J26 "Mike" and J27 "Blackberry". We also encountered J37 "Hy'Shqa" and her new born calf J49, the youngest member of the Southern Resident Orcas!

Whilst watching the Orcas traveling west we witnessed breaching, tail slaps, spy hops and tail lobs:)
It was a wonderful day on the water with calm seas, warm sunny weather and 80+ Resident Orcas!

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